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Classes & Pricing

We are happy to work with you to custom design a package that fits your needs!

All Packages Include Pick Up, Drop Off, and Gas Charges.
Service Provided Pricing
 0 – 9 hour lessons $45.00/hr Also for experienced drivers that would like to brush up there skills and there technique or for drivers that would like to get started with the basics
Ten Hour Package $44.00/hr Experienced drivers that have driven before or will be getting practice in between each lessons
Fifteen Hour Package $42.00/hr Drivers that aren’t getting much practice at home
Twenty Hour Package******* $40.00/hr 20 or more lessons are for drivers that will learn everything from a-z and that are getting few to zero practice else where
Road Test Rental            $105 Includes Pick up, 30 minute warm up, vehicle for road test, and drop off. (must be at icbc 15 minutes prior to road test appointment)
******Packages of 20 hours or more include a mock road test plus vehicle use for road test @ 25% off.